Star Whales, Pygmy Puffs, and Ewoks OH MY!


Best alarm clock ever!


Then finish it, cuz i’m with you til the end of the line. 

Sources to follow cuz they’re pretty cool!

the cosplayer

the corgi cosplayer

the photographer

My dragons get all out of sorts when I clean their cage..

  • Me: Can I go hangout with this boy tonight?
  • my parents: NO! NEVER! *breathes fire*
  • *a week later*
  • my parents: so hunny got a boyfriend yet?
  • me: *makes a dying whale sound as I slide back into my room forever*
Via Pretty as peach, tough as a boot


Some Of The Best Book Dedications You Would Ever Read


drop it like its hot .. 

Man, I thought that was the Death Star behind her.. ugh.. this no longer interests me.


My wife looked menacing while throwing her bouquet, so i used my few skills in PS to fit the mood.

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